Have you ever wondered why people refer to luxury furniture “luxury”?

Why is a luxury item defined luxury? Is it because of the price tag on it, because of the materials used to build the piece, or is it because someone else said it is. Well, neither one of these helps, because what is defined as luxury by other may not be luxury for someone else.

So the best option to think of luxury is to simply personalize it;

  • What makes you comfortable?
  • What makes you excited and feel good?
  • What makes you enjoy the moment?

Luxury is defined by the ability to enjoy, feel and comfort oneself. Giving the luxury to another is a gift, but it may not be as luxury to the other as it is to you, unless you personalize it for them with their preferences as well.

Build your home furniture piece from scratch. Work with a furnishing designer such as Galleria GNI in Toronto. And read more online or in a magazine to get familiar with the terms.

Making luxury can be costly, but costly in comparison to what? Your comfort?

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