A client calls and says,

“Hey, I got this bad review. This customer of mine is insane! We’ve done everything for them, and now they want more but don’t want to pay. Now they wrote me a 3-star negative review on Google and HomeStars. They won’t remove it. What do I do now? It ruins our reputation.”

There will be a day someone who doesn’t necessarily like you or be 100% happy with what your service or product—even if you did your best and have always maintained a 5-star rating.

C’est la vie.

Do the best you can and treat your customers the best you can. Sincerely try to help and if they end up unhappy with you, find a way to fix it, but without settling for the short end of the stick.

Try to negotiate and see if perhaps there was a misunderstanding between you and your customer. Maybe you’ve indeed missed something. Do your best to rectify the damage and please that customer.

But if all lead to this and you’ve done the most for that customer yet still end up with a 3/5-star review or even a 1/5 review, respond to it professionally and move on.

There will be a few dissatisfied customers and that’s the way it is. Remember that your efforts never lie and be confident that you’ve done your best.