5 Modern Custom Home Designs That Will Have You Wanting More

Working in the home improvement industry often leaves us wanting to upgrade our own homes. Which is why we’ve assembled some of the most inspiring modern custom home designs from the Greater Toronto Area, from a few dedicated companies. Learn more below.

1. Rustic Modernity

This luxury home interior from Odima Construction Group combines sophisticated modern interior design with rustic elements, for a joyfully playful interior. We particularly like the clever use of orange and red toned wood elements to enliven and enrich the otherwise too austere family room. See more from Odima Construction here.

beautiful luxury home design

2. Creative, Elegant Casual Interior

This unique interior renovation blends together sophisticated elegance and casual interior decoration, for a homey feel. The installation of a decorative window and door element really adds to the overall aesthetic, and allows natural light to enter the room. See more from Luxor Development.

Luxor Home Renovation 1

3. Functionality and Form

RS Homes fuses together original black and grey design for a hyper-modern, yet hyper-functional interior design. Our favourite parts are the functional, yet sleek shelving units built into the wall. We love the comfort and elegance they bring to this modern home.

RS Homes Modern Richmond 3

4. Exterior Beauty

Our favourite exterior design is awarded to Odima Construction, with their beautifully illuminated villa in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Just one look at the classic architecture, soft warm gray brick and crisp lines makes our hearts pine.

custom luxury home

5. Natural Flourish

For a bit of nature, see Wallzcorp’s uniquely decorated interior creation. We love the mismatched glass decal, plant life and rough wood and cut stone flooring in this personal bar set up. Creative and uniquely lit, Wallzcorp’s custom home designs have that wide, open, natural feel. See more here.

Wallzcorp Custom Home 3

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