Congratulations! You’ve reached the first page organically on your target keywords.

You’re ranked in the top 10, among review websites, directories, blogs, social media platforms, and a few direct competitors. But how do you reach the top 3 or even rank above all?

This is when you must face real online competitors.

You and all your knowledge in online marketing will be put to the test. Will you outrank your competition and garner the most traffic?

Well, the obvious thing here is to continue doing what is working and discontinue what isn’t. But one subtle key to overthrowing all competition and gaining the #1 position is to experiment with your titles and descriptions, which can increase your click-through rate.

Click-through rate is a ranking factor that can make all the difference, meaning despite you being on lower positions on search results, your titles and descriptions attract a visitor.

Here’s an example: For someone looking for a home renovation company in Toronto, which of the titles below are they most likely to click on?

Option 1: “Company XYZ – Home Renovation Company in Toronto”

Option 2: “Company XYZ – Toronto’s Home Renovation (Award-Winning Company)”

Option 3: “#1 Award-Winning Home Renovations in Toronto (Company XYZ)”

In a boring cluster of words, using characters other than letters in your ads makes them more attractive. Hence, numbers, signs, and brackets seem to work best for gaining higher click-through rates.

Difference appeals to the eye. This applies to everything, including your ads.

So, get creative with your ads and give them something that makes them stand out from the rest—some oomph, if you will. As a result, your click-through rate will increase, as well as your ranking.

At the end of the day, SERP ranking is all about trial and error, so keep trying new things until you reach that coveted #1 position.