Get Involved in SickKids Foundation’s Holiday Fundraiser and Help Build a New Hospital

Let’s beat the odds, and support a good cause this Christmas!

We’re partnering with RS Homes in the fight against child illness. SickKids Foundation is raising money to build a new hospital, and update their facilities on University Ave. SickKids Hospital helps hundreds of children fight illness and find hope in the future every year, but they need you to help fund the fight. Join SickKids Foundation’s VS Campaign and help provide more children with better healthcare, more access to doctors and the best odds possible.

From now until Christmas, RS Homes will match every dollar donated to the campaign. Last year, they raised over $3,000!

Let’s beat the odds together. Donate here.

This Holiday Season, join us and thousands of other generous donors in the fight!

Learn more about the SickKids Foundation and their fundraiser.