Many people confuse the terms SEO and CEO. Here’s the thing: one letter makes all the difference. So, we thought to briefly touch on the two terms because as different as they are, SEO and CEO are quite interrelated.

Running an effective SEO campaign is challenging and often time-consuming.

If you plan to do SEO while being a CEO, you could be far more successful running a marketing agency in the long term than a construction company or whichever your field of business is. For example, if you’re an electrician doing keyword research about industry terms, you’re probably going to busy yourself for weeks over a task that an SEO expert can complete in a few days.

Focus on what you know best and become a master at it.

If you’re a builder, strive to be the best builder in your area. If you’re a landscaper, be the most sought after landscaper in your favorite neighborhood. If your SEO skills are average, however, have the best SEO specialist do your SEO for you. It’s what they are best at.

Calculate your per-hour work as well as the value of your time. Only then can you decide to delegate your SEO or be a DIY CEO.