The Pareto Principle says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. It’s also known as the 80 20 rule.

Take this rule and apply it to SEO.

When you’re researching for your target keywords, 80% of your results will come from 20% of your keywords. For example, if you target 10 keywords, only 2 of them get you most of the results (that is, 80% of your traffic), while the other 8 keywords account for the remainder of your results.

Take this rule one step further and apply it to everything you do on your website.

If you plan to write blogs, 80% of them will bring you only 20% of traffic results, while the other 20% of blogs will bring you 80% results.

This is when you should work smarter not harder.

Focus on improving the 20% of the blogs that matter the most. Improve them but don’t overdo it, because if you give 80% of your efforts to improve the 20% of blogs, then you’ll be improving them only by 20%. Thus, it’s sometimes best to give 20% of your effort to improve blogs, so that you increase their effectiveness by 80%.

To summarize, 80% of your website is bringing you only 20% of what you want. The small changes that take up only 20% of your time and effort —whether improving a blog, changing a featured image on a page, or checking for broken links, etc.— you generate 80% results.