Building a successful business today requires an online presence. If you want to be competitive in this market, it’s imperative that your company has a web-based marketing strategy in place. Builders and contractors can no longer rely on traditional forms of advertising. Most of your customers will go online to find the right contractor or builder for their project so it’s important that you have a competitive website, or they will move on to someone who does.  In this blog, we’ll discuss the reasons why every contractor should invest in digital marketing strategies.

Reach Your Customers Online 

Most customers already know what service they need when they’re searching for a contractor. And the first place they’ll start looking is Google.  Their first impression of your business starts with your website. It’s important that your website is professional, but still welcoming and informative.  Include what projects you’ve worked on in the past and what methods were taken to achieve the final results. Photos and videos are the most effective options, but you can also write about them on your site too.

Visual examples of past projects make your website more convincing. Add a few pages with a gallery to show off some of your best work.  Consider adding interactive communication tools on your contact or estimate page. This allows customers to visualize your work and will entice them to contact you.

Target the Right Customers 

Targeting customers in your digital marketing plan is crucial. The content on your website should target the services you provide in addition to the areas you serve. Creating project pages is an easy way to accomplish this. Include the city, photos, and content about this specific project which will help you to rank for local searches in that area. This will also help to attract the right customers to your site.

Increase in Leads 

Generating leads is very important in digital marketing. But you need valuable information on your website in order to generate these leads.  Your website should provide all the information that your potential clients are looking for. Create web pages that will answer your customer’s common questions and concerns. Include all the services you offer, specialties, and other information that might entice a customer. Always incorporate search engine optimization so your website and your content can be found on Google. 

A strong call to action is also required so that visitors will be motivated to fill out a contact form. Make sure it allows visitors to complete their name, address, email, phone number, and an additional field for more information.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

Content marketing is an easy way to drive traffic to your website. It helps to educate potential customers on the services you offer and provide additional tips and tricks. Google also ranks these pages for keywords which also helps direct traffic to your site. 

Use infographics to your advantage. For contractors especially, infographics are excellent visual pieces of content. It provides visitors with information that is easy to understand, but still visually appealing.

Build a Loyal Following 

Stand out from other contractors by regularly adding new posts on your website. Start with research to find the trending topics in your level of expertise. Then you can post blogs and how-to guides with advice from a contractor. If you’re consistent, providing the right kind of content can generate a lot more revenue than you may think. Providing insider tips and tricks for the average person can help you establish your business as a reliable source of information. 

If they’ve used some tips from your blogs in the past, they’ll know who to turn to with a bigger project in the future. Blogs are also an excellent way to feature some of your projects’ stunning before and after photos.

Become a Trusted Source 

Reviews and recommendations play a vital role in digital marketing for contractors. When people search on the internet for a plumber in their area, they will choose the one with the best reviews. 

Testimonials are another powerful tool in swaying your potential customers. Include positive testimonials from previous clients on your website and other online marketing accounts. This helps to boost your online credibility and helps to build trust with your customers. 

Create Brand Awareness With Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Builders and contractors benefit the most from promoting their services on Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz. It’s easy to share high-quality photos and videos on these channels, and run targeted ads based on location and interest. These ads will appear to users who live in that area so it increases the likelihood of them hiring you.  

Videos are another way to captivate your target audience. Instead of telling your customer what you can do, you’re visually showing them what services you can provide. Post these videos on your website, use them for ads, in an email or get more views by posting it on YouTube. It’s also an excellent sales tool that you can include in a proposal.