How do I rank highly on Google? How do I make my website more visible on Google? You might be asking some of these questions to boost your business’s online presence on Google. Ranking on the first page of Google guarantees access to at least 75% of clicks. This is why getting noticed on Google is crucial. But without a deeper understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, it’s difficult knowing where to start. In this article, we’ve listed the top 10 ways to promote your website on Google so you can bring in customers and see your business thrive.

Target Website Pages for Keywords

Google notices relevant websites that match a user’s specific search. Keyword insertion and keyword-relevant ads with high-quality scores are important, but so is your on-page SEO.

The first step is completing extensive keyword research to find high-volume keywords. Then incorporate these keywords on your page and in your meta tags. 

Every web page should target a specific topic. The more specific your topic is, the chances of each page getting noticed and landing on the first page of Google dramatically increases.

Optimize Your Website for Google

Make it easy for Google to go through your website. Google is always crawling the web and looking for new pages to add to its index and updating its directory of existing pages. The easier it is for Google to crawl your website, the quicker it will add your business to its index and bring it up for searches. 

Here are some ways to optimize your website:

Insert keywords associated with your targeted topic in the meta title, meta description, image tags of pages, and URL

Internally link your website’s pages so your entire website isn’t difficult to crawl

Run a technical SEO audit of your website to confirm there are no indexation holes

Start Your Google My Business Account 

Google discovers website pages based on two things: how easy they are to read and how easy they are to categorize. Allow Google to crawl your website pages more efficiently by submitting your company to Google My Business. 

This is how you can set up your account:

  • Create a Google My Business account
  • Select your business on Google Maps
  • Claim your business on Google Maps

Finally, Google will send a verification code in the mail to your business. The last step is entering that code into your Google My Business profile.  When this process is complete, your business will be verified by Google and you can optimize your Google My Business listing. Your website will begin picking up impressions and getting more clicks on Google depending on how complete your business listing is.

Use Compelling Page Titles

You want people to click on your website. Adding keywords to the titles of your web pages only helps Google and searchers to discover your website. But you don’t want to just be discovered. You want to be noticed too.  The only way to do this is to create compelling titles.

You want your page titles to stand out and grab your reader’s attention, but don’t overdo it.  Regardless of the type of content, always aim for your titles to be direct and captivating. You never want to sound desperate or your readers will go elsewhere.

Create Quality Content

Delivering quality content is the only way to rank higher on Google. Google takes a few factors into consideration including how long users stay on your website and if they move onto other pages before leaving. 

The strategic placement of keywords will help you get noticed on Google, but it’s not enough. There are numerous ways to write compelling blog posts. Answer the most common questions that link back to your keywords. Engage users with other forms of media like images and videos to hold their attention. Include backlinks from other trusted sources on Google. And always monitor load times.

Optimize Your Images

High-quality photos have a huge impact on your Google ranking. And with so many people searching for images on Google, you want to ensure that the photos on your website are optimized. 

Follow these tips below to optimize your images:

  • Use the appropriate file name
  • Reduce loading time by keeping the file small
  • Include alt text and title text
  • Include captions
  • Include images in your XML sitemaps

Build More Website Pages

Starting a blog is the best way to increase your website’s organic reach. Every blog you post will help you get noticed on Google and rank for a multitude of different keywords. 

But don’t just introduce a blog for the sake of adding extra pages. Blogs should provide helpful information and advice. This is how Google ranks blog posts and it’s why people decide to click on them. If your blog is viewed as a trusted resource on the internet, people looking for information on Google will take notice.

Use Google Ads and Google AdWords

Get your business to the top of the search results page by advertising on Google. Paid search ads do cost money, but they also convert very well. Even if you don’t reach the very top of Google’s search results, purchasing Google Ads will still ensure that your business receives a lot more exposure. 

Running ads on Google AdWords is another effective strategy. You can create an ad with a link that directs the user to your website or a landing page. Or you can create an ad that brings users to a free download that requires them to join your email marketing list. You must constantly test ads to ensure your marketing campaign is strategic and stays within budget. Creating strong copy and incorporating the right search terms is essential.

Reach Out to Influencers

Influencers and bloggers hold a lot of credibility in the online community. Contact established bloggers and influencers in your industry that have already been noticed on Google and have a large following.  Pitch the idea of writing a guest post for their blog that includes a link to your website. Or invite them to write a guest blog on your website.

This will give you added exposure and access to their target audience. This also ensures that your website will be noticed by a brand new set of prospects.  And be prepared to offer the other party something of equal value. The key is establishing partnerships and collaborations that can help each other reach a larger audience.

Post on Social Media 

Don’t be afraid to take full advantage of your business’s social media account. Staying active on your account and posting frequently is a surefire way to get your business noticed on Google. Using social media to promote your business is one of the most cost-effective ways to rank on Google.

Only 20% of your posts on social media should directly promote your business’s products and services. The rest of the content should include educational how-to guides or other relatable content that your audience may find appealing.